Restylung series

Restylung series

Artefatto.2 and Riflesso.2 Restyling

Design and Functionality Renovated for Excellence

We are pleased to present to you the .2 version of our Artefatto and Reflexo Series born from our constant commitment to innovation and excellence.

The heart of this restyling is the new body, created through a one-piece casting process. This advanced technology not only gives the mixer extraordinary robustness but also has a positive impact on the environment by reducing overall material usage and eliminating the risk of leaks due to multiple joints.

Unique and Clean Design

Furthermore, the square shape is presented without any visible joints, emphasizing a clean and decisive design. This absence of interruptions not only contributes to the modern aesthetic, but also eliminates the risk of dirt or limescale build-up in the joints, ensuring a consistently flawless appearance over time.

Form and Function

The new Square Mixer is not limited to just the aesthetic aspect, but takes the user experience to a higher level. The two alternative levers, for opening and closing, are designed to satisfy the most demanding requests. The fluidity and precision of the movement offer total control over the flow of water, ensuring efficient and intuitive management.

The versatility of the levers not only offers convenience but is also a style statement. Whether open or closed, the levers integrate perfectly into the overall design, giving the mixer a harmonious and contemporary appearance.

Benefits for the Customer and the Environment

This is not only a step forward in terms of aesthetics and functionality but is also a tangible commitment to sustainability. Reducing the material used in production translates into a positive ecological impact, contributing to our mission of promoting eco-sustainable products.

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