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The best way to succeed is to be competitive in the global market


In the world that is being globalized, made of space and time increasingly restricted and disappearing borders, trade and exchange activities become increasingly strategic and critical that play a central role in building a solid global market.

Pentagono Rubinetterie is today recognized internationally thanks to the great sense of globalization that has characterized its activity in the last 10 years. About 90% of production is destined for foreign markets towards which it exports a wide range of products, from single lever mixers to traditional faucets, from Hi-Tech Fierato Wellness, always proposing innovative and prestigious solutions.

mercato globale

The constant promotion through participation in the most important fairs of the sector and the presence at major retail outlets, confirm and increase the possibilities for expansion.

Pentagono Rubinetterie catalogue clearly highlights the company's desire to relate internationally, interpreting the needs and tastes of those looking for value products for everyday use.

Globalization does not mean homogenization or approval of the world but the circulation of ideas and values through the movement of goods and products.