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WATER & ENVIRONMENT: Our Best Philosophy

Our goal is to have an ecological behavior to protect the climate and the environment. Maintain an excellent comfort with big savings of water and energy.

Water is a precious commodity, the rational use is becoming increasingly important in everyday life. AmbienteSmall steps can be decisive for the preservation of the planet and respecting environment.

The taps is part of a choice Eco sustainable. Pentagono Rubinetterie, provides a wide range of articles to reduce the water consumption up to 50% in addition to significant Energy Savings thanks to COLD TECHNOLOGY (avoiding accidental switching on of the boiler and/or water heater, thanks to the internal design of the usedcartridge).

All without compromising the wellness of the "bathroom".

Several articles for different habitat

saving water

Saving Water

Electronic taps | Temporized taps | Thermostatic taps | Saving Cartridge Eco System "DUE" | Saving water aerator | Flow regulator

energy saving

Energy Saving

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