/ Who we are

Pentagono Rubinetterie comes from the passion of those who love their job and knows their products. Not forgetting the tradition, the company has sought new ways to establish itself as a guarantee in the global market.

Quality, service, design, assortment, price. That’s why our name is Pentagono; because we have selected these 5 points as base of our operating.

Our staff, linked by an experience of thirty years in the sector of faucets, is able to suggest a wide range of taps and mixers for bathroom and kitchen, showers and bath accessories which satisfies all the needs of the update installation.

Starting from the design to the production, the manufacturing cycle is carefully followed in any its step, always to guarantee the best quality and safety. Carefully choice of the raw materials, processing realized with automatic robotized working centers at high precision and regulars checking of quality to get finishes and products of high-level.


Made in Italy evolution

Modern ranges, classic and old-age, our catalogue encloses a complete selection of shapes and applications which are able to interior every bath and kitchen all over the world. The 21st century is a new era of awareness and challenge.

Global effort towards developing products and services that reflect social and ecological responsibility. The need for change is driving innovation, and defining how businesses succeed in the marketplace.

We are ready…..made in Italy walk with us!

made in italy

Quality: key feature for a durable product

Pentagono Rubinetterie care every step of the production process from birth to post-sale. All products are rigorously tested for pressure resistance, functionality and finish.

Every detail is treated for its importance as the packaging of each item created and studied not only for the aesthetics but also for the protection of the Certificato ISO finished product. Pentagono Rubinetterie ensures maximum support over time, ensuring the availability of spare parts and accessories for all products.

Thanks to this philosophy Pentagono Rubinetterie has obtained the UNI-EN ISO 9001: 2008.

Production and design work in symbiosis with sales department in respect to the development process and with a view to customer satisfaction.

Research, development, technology and investment to guarantee a quality product.


Warranty: trust in the product made by Pentagono

Pentagono Rubinetterie guarantees its range of taps from manufacturing defects for a period of 5 years from date of purchase.

Proper installation and maintenance are still needed to make unchanged over time the product features.

Every box is accompanied by a guarantee certificate to authenticate the real quality of the product.